Social Responsibility

DonPon INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. has been established since 1995, and has been operating in good faith for the shareholders and employees to create benefits and excellent working environment. Along the way, we deeply feel the hardships of business. Supports from the customers, shareholders, employees, and society during the hard time have brought up today’s DonPon. Enterprise is one part of the society. Although many years of participation in social assistance and donations of DonPon, there is still more to do. We hold a spirit of taking from the society giving back to the society and in the interests of the company at the same time will continue to feedback to help the society.

Chairman and General Manager

NO. Subject Date
1. 企業社會責任行為準則 2020-01-01
2. 企業社會責任實務守則 2021-01-01